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Building and Leading Teams book


Building and Leading Teams

In 2003 I was asked by the Institute of Leadership & Management to write “Leading Teams”; subsequently they gave up publishing and the book went out of print. “Building and Leading Teams” is a completely new book that fills the same space – reflecting all the best research and practice and aimed at anyone who is tasked with building and leading a team. Ideal for people on team leader development programmes, it is competitively priced and designed to be accessible and practical.


The sixteen chapters cover all aspects of building and leading teams:

  1. What’s in a name?  – Calling it a team doesn’t make it one
  2. Team building  – Getting the team up and running
  3. People and roles  – The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  4. Team dynamics  – How people work with each other
  5. Team conflicts  – Why people don’t always get on
  6. Goals and plans  – Where are you heading, and how will you get there?
  7. Getting the best out of people  – Motivating the team to perform well
  8. Team leading  – Is anyone following?
  9. Inspiring trust  – Why people choose to follow
  10. Doing the right thing  – Why ethics matter
  11. What feels right  – Being emotionally intelligent
  12. Listening and talking  – Being a better communicator
  13. Helping people improve  – The leader as personal trainer and coach
  14. How well is the team doing?  – Monitoring performance and giving feedback
  15. Doing things better  – Improving, changing and innovating
  16. Keeping yourself up to date  – Nobody else is responsible for your career but you!

Where can I buy the book?

To buy this book, please contact David Pardey directly:

Telephone:  01749 676733

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